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July Birchbox

Birchbox had a really special treat for us in July.  This month’s picks are all personally selected by designer Cynthia Rowley and even the outside of the box is cute!

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Wonderbar Friday & National Skincare Awareness Month

Last week I ordered a Wonderbar online.  I have been using it every day since it arrived in the mail on Saturday and since it’s been almost a week, I’m here to report on my skin’s progress.

What is it?

The Wonderbar looks like a bar of soap, but due to it’s pH it technically can’t be called a soap.  It has a pH of around 5.65 which falls right in the middle of our skin’s pH level of 4 to 6.  Because of it’s pH and some special ingredients (Chlorey’nahre Heilmoor Clay) it claims to heal, detoxify, clear up your skin, make oily skin less oily, and make dry skin less dry.  Wow!  It is also billed as a skin cleanser, toner, exfoliant, and moisturizer.

I know you’re thinking this is too good to be true, right?

Well there’s just one small catch… most people using it report getting break outs and dry, itchy skin during the first few weeks of use.  The Wonderbar website refers to this as the “healing crisis” that your skin is going through to purify itself and get rid of all the toxins that have built up over years of using “bad” skin care products.  There are tons of testimonials on the site (and on their facebook page, which I tend to believe more) where people swear that after their healing crisis, their skin was just amazing and they had never seen it so clear.  What can I say?  They all sounded so convincing that I had to try it!


I’ve been using it twice a day (morning and night) since Saturday night and I can already see a difference.  On Sunday, after only three washes, my boyfriend told me he already noticed a difference in my skin.  He didn’t know exactly how to describe it but he said it was good. 🙂 I can see a change already, too.  My skin seems more supple, smooth, evened out, balanced… shall I continue?  I have always had extremely oily skin (Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets have been my bff since they were released) and I am already seeing an decrease in my oiliness.

I have only seen a few pimples, nothing out of the ordinary, and each one only lasted ~24 hours which really surprised me.  It’s been five days now and I don’t currently have any pimples, just a little dry skin around my nose and chin.  I’ll be back next Friday with another update!

September is…

National Skin Care Awareness Month!  In recognition of this effort, I am going to continue using my Wonderbar and document it here for all of you 🙂  I’m also going to start parsing down my collection of makeup and skin care products, concentrating on getting rid of items containing parabens.

What are you going to do?  Drink more water?  Wear sunscreen outside? Let me know in the comments.

For more information on skin care awareness, click here.