A Broken Maybelline EyeStudio Eyeshadow and How I Saved It

Let me start out by saying that I broke the eyeshadow, it’s not Maybelline’s fault at all.  Here’s the only pic I have of it before I dropped it:

The unfortunate victim is the Sinful Cinnamon baked shadow on the right.  If you’ve tried these shadows before you will know that they are domed and the weirdest thing happened when it broke… only the domed part that sticks out above the shadow pan broke apart.  See what I mean?

I was so pissed at myself that I accidentally broke this before I even got a chance to try it so I decided to try to find a way to salvage it.  I had a small container from a sample of Clinique Moisture Surge (awesome, btw) so I funneled the broken pieces into the small jar, smashed it all up, and now I have two separate eyeshadows!  Here’s the process in pictures.

The finished product that I “created” is a very pretty blend of the two original colors I started out with.

Have you ever broken a shadow before?  Were you able to save it in any way?


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