Summer Hair Challenge from No More Dirty Looks

This weekend I’m participating in a hair challenge.  All you have to do is shampoo, condition, comb through once and that’s it!  The point is to leave it alone – no heat, no leave-in conditioner, don’t put anything in it at all!  Siobhan and Alexandra, the beauties over at No More Dirty Looks, are even going to give away a prize at the end of the challenge!  One winner, chosen at random, will receive a basket full of natural & organic haircare products from NuboNau.

My hair is wavy/curly and definitely frizzy.  I usually style it by straightening it or putting gel or mousse in it to enhance and control the curl.  When I don’t style it, it air dries into a frizzy funky mess (that’s my point of view anyway).  Here are some other pics for comparison:



Straight hair pic

My Hair Challenge Picture

… and a side/back view…

I feel like it’s not coming across in the pictures exactly how bad it looks in reality.  I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.  I feel like every woman has higher standards for her looks than other people do of her.  All I know is I couldn’t wear my hair like this to work because they prefer a more polished style.  It would be nice to know I don’t have to do much to it on weekends though!  I think I’ll try it out again tomorrow.  I’m going to my very first bridal show with my step-mom Liz.  I’m really excited but I’ve heard they are overwhelming, so wish me luck!


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