Glamour Mag to Report on Chemicals in Cosmetics

Not Just A Pretty Face recently had a post previewing a first-of-it’s-kind article that will be in the May issue of Glamour magazine.  It is an investigative report into some of the chemicals that people (especially women) expose themselves to everyday.  The article questions whether chemicals are making us fat, sick, and infertile, which many people already believe.  Glamour states that women are especially vulnerable because we use more cosmetics & other beauty products than men, and our bodies also treat the chemicals differently once they are ingested.  A lot of common chemicals are treated like hormones inside our bodies and can mess with a whole host of things.  Please take a few moments to read the article and learn more about how the FDA hasn’t even reviewed or approved most of the products we use daily.


2 responses to “Glamour Mag to Report on Chemicals in Cosmetics

  1. That is so creepy….like who knew there was so much crap in cosmetics that it could that seriously affect our health… It’s just unnerving ><

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