A Neti Pot Second Hand Review

A neti pot.  I’ve never used one, but my boyfriend has.  Steve has suffered from seasonal allergies for a while now and has always used allergy medicines to keep his symptoms under control, but it was never really a 100% fix.  They would just mask his symptoms but not cure them.

He really suffered late last summer and early fall, so when his sneezing & runny nose started again a few days ago I was *not* looking forward to the next few months of it.  When I mentioned the idea of a neti pot to him, it was really just to get him thinking about it.  I didn’t think he’d go for it right away, especially after I showed him some youtube videos of people using it (here and here).  I’m sure you can imagine my surprise when the very next day he told me he was going to pick one up and try it out!  I thought it was going to take a lot more convincing on my part 😉

That’s a picture of the one he got (I was a little bummed it looks more like a tea pot than an Aladdin lamp!).  He used it twice yesterday, once before his workout and once right after.  Luckily since I made him watch the videos he knew just how to position his head and barely got any solution in his throat.

This morning when he woke up he was SO excited because he could breathe without taking any drugs, and that made me really happy!  He used it again before work this morning and has been feeling great all day.  I think I may have created a neti pot addict!

Have you ever tried using a neti pot?  Did you use it for allergies or another reason?


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