Wonderbar – 30% Off

I just received an email from Wonderbar with a code for 30% off your order… AND if you make a purchase with the code before Feb 21st, you will get 30 % off your orders for the REST OF THE YEAR.  I’ve never heard of a company doing that before.  Isn’t that amazing?!

Anyway, the magic code you need to know is “2011fe30“.  Just enter that when you checkout and you’ll get 30% off immediately and you will automatically be a member of Wonderbar Rewards (30% off the rest of 2011).

Don’t forget: the code is only good until February 21st!

Click here to read my previous post on Wonderbar!


2 responses to “Wonderbar – 30% Off

  1. MAN!! I just found out about the wonderbar – I can’t believe I missed out on such a deal. I want to buy it – but it’s so expensive. Grrr. I hope they do that sale again!

    • Hi Katie! That was the first time I’ve seen that specific discount, but if you sign up for their newsletter you’ll find out when they have other sales. I hope you get to try it soon!

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