CG Smokey Shadow Blast

I recently had a coupon for a COVERGIRL item, so I finally bought one of the smokeyshadowblast’s I’ve been seeing everywhere.  I got a new color combo called Onyx Smoke which is essentially just white (step 1) and black (step 2).  CG doesn’t have a picture of this one on their site, but you get the idea.

Yesterday was the first time I tried it and I didn’t use a primer.  Big mistake.  The shadow is so creamy that it felt greasy on my lids and I knew that it would start creasing immediately.  Also, a lot of the pigment was taken away when I was blending with my finger even though I was being gentle.  The black shade ended up not being very dark but I got a really dark black crease within an hour or so and I ended up wiping most of it off.

Today I used a Urban Decay’s Primer Potion and I definitely notice a difference.  I’ve had the shadow on for about 4 hours now and I only have minor creasing, which is definitely an improvement over yesterday.  I’m going to give this product a few more chances before I totally rule it out.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Have you tried any of these shadowblasts before?  Did they crease for you, too?


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