Coastal Scents Haul

both palettes (with flash)

88 piece warm palette (no flash)

88 piece warm palette (with flash)

This warm palette is so amazing!  All of the colors are beautiful and so versatile.  They blend extremely well and I’m having so much fun playing with them. 🙂   This palette would be perfect for those who are new to makeup or travel a lot and don’t like to bring so many different items with them.  ($24.95, online only)

78 piece makeup palette (no flash)

78 piece makeup palette (with flash)

I love how bright and colorful this palette is!  I need to get my creative juices flowing though because I admittedly haven’t played around with this one too much yet.  I did try to use the reds (I know, right?  Why would I go for that one first?!) but ended up wiping most of the color off so it was really muted.  If anyone has any suggestions on how to use bright red eyeshadow PLEASE let me know! ($18.95, online only)

chisel detail mini brush and a free sample of mineral eye shadow

This mini brush is so cute & tiny I had to put it next to my blackberry so you could get the actual scale.  So far it’s been really great for putting a little color on the inside of my eyes.  Also shown in the pic is a free sample that was included in my order.  It’s a small container of their mineral eyeshadow in Frenzy.  It is described as a shimmery peachy, tan color.  I love putting it on the top of my lid to highlight.  It goes with so many other colors so I have been using it a lot.

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures and please let me know if  you’d like to see swatches!


Danielle N


One response to “Coastal Scents Haul

  1. I love Coastal Scents! I haven’t tried their products yet, but I hear everyone raving about them! And the color selection and price are fab! Reading this post is making want to go online and order now!

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