Eos Lip Balm Review

smooth spheres: honeysuckle honeydew, summer fruit, sweet mint. smooth stick: vanilla bean

I am just LOVING these lip balms!!  I’ve been carrying around the mint one in my purse and keep the rest at home.  This past weekend I went away with a bunch of friends and they were all so confused/amazed when I pulled out my balm sphere, haha.  “What IS that??”  “How do you open it?” “How do you put it on?”  But after I showed them how to open it and put it on, they all loved it, too.

This balm is 95% organic and 100% natural.  It goes on so smoothly and lasts a while.  I love how soft it makes my lips feel.  Recently they’ve been really dry, cracking and peeling, but using this balm has solved my bad lip problems!

The spheres come in Honeysuckle Honeydew, Summer Fruit, and Sweet Mint.  The two fruity flavors smell divine, but not too sweet and the mint has a pleasant little tingle when you put it on.   The stick comes in Pomegranate Raspberry, Vanilla Bean, and Sweet Mint.  I have the vanilla which is such a classic, comforting scent.  I really want to find the pomegranate one somewhere!!

Eos (the evolution of smooth) also has an ultra moisturizing shave cream that I would love to try, but it is not gluten-free 😦  They are also coming out with a line of body lotions sometime this year.  If they are anything like the lip balms, I’ll be snapping them up as soon as they’re out… assuming there’s no oat in them like the shave cream either.  If someone else has used the shaving cream, let me know how you like it!

Slightly off topic, my friend is obsessed with the Volkswagen Eos and just went car shopping yesterday but ended up with a Nissan Sentra instead (I’m so happy for her, they’re really cute).  I wonder what the word “Eos” means to Volkswagen??

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